Aluminum 4 Point Drop Forge Rail Shoe (Each)

Note: All NANRIC aluminum shoes are creased but not punched as the position and pitch of the nail hole is best left up to the farrier's discretion.

The Aluminum Four Point Drop Forge Rail Shoe is a slightly modified version of our milled Rail Shoe. It is available in sizes 2, 3, 4 and 5. This shoe has a sandblasted finish to visually distinguish it from our milled aluminum shoe. 

The Rail is a very versatile shoe designed to significantly reduce deep flexor pull, by reducing breakover and elevating the heels. The degree of mechanics indicated by the shoe is dependent on several factors, palmar angle, sole depth, horn-lamellar zone integrity, capsule shape and strength, trim, fit and application. Therefore to best utilize the desired level of mechanics much consideration must precede the planning stage. Good positioned, soft tissue detail radiographs are extremely helpful for pathological farriers and attending veterinarians as they discuss and design adequate mechanics that significantly reduce the forces at play. This shoe has evolved from literally hundreds of forged rails applied to Dr. Redden's international caseload.

When to use:
Dr. Redden uses the shoe for the majority of mid to high level laminitis cases. Used in conjunction with derotation and a deep flexor tenotomy it is normally glued on with Equilox.

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When mid-high scale mechanics is indicated (10 - 15 degree palmar angles), and surgery is not an option the shoe is rockered mid body offering zero palmar angle with the heel of the shoe and self adjusting 20 degree palmar angle as PIII relates to the ground surface.

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Using this technique offers tremendous relief for navicular disease, white line disease, toe cracks and other syndromes directly affected by the direct action of the deep flexor.

Aluminum 4 Point Drop Forge Rail Shoe (Each)

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