Aluminum Rocker Race Shoe (Each)
Note: All NANRIC aluminum shoes are creased but not punched as the position and pitch of the nail hole is best left up to the farrier's discretion.

This new shoe was designed with the racehorse in mind. Like our other full rocker shoes, the rockered race shoe is rockered on the ground surface and flat on the foot surface. It offers moderate mechanics and its application is more user friendly compared to rockering our race shoe.

This shoe is considerably lighter than the original rocker shoe. The rockered race shoe has a thinner profile through the crease and heel areas. .

See the frog insert designed to be welded in for frog support.

Width: 3 13/16"
Length: 3 7/8"

Aluminum Rocker Race Shoe (Each)

SKU: 126 - Bin 4B