Dalric Lateral / Medial Aluminum Extension - EXT3 (Pair)

For foals with a maximum foot width of 3 3/4" we offer the CS3 cuff that can be riveted to a predrilled 1/4" aluminum extension. 


Available in Shoes Only or as a Kit.  

Kit includes:  Extensions, Vettec SuperFast 50cc adhesive, tape, sticks, gloves, rivets, and detailed instructions.

Lateral Extensions used for:

  • Toe in Ankles (Varus) fetlocks
  • Bowed and Offset Knees
  • Bowed HocksOptimal correction requires early application. (Birth to 2 months due to early physis closure.)

Medial Extensions used for:


  • Knock Knees (Valgus)
  • Valgus Hocks(Early correction offers better response.)
Reasons for Use:
  • Easy to apply (adjustable)
  • Dramatic results when used early
  • Enhances dynamic stability
  • Relieves stress on young bones
  • Minimizes hoof and joint distortion

Note: This shoe has little or no effect on toe out rotational deformities. This deformity often appears to be a valgus fetlock which is extremely rare in developing young horses.

Caution: remove shoes as recommended to avoid unwarranted pinching effect.

We do not recommend reusing the extensions. Inside the cuff there is a felt liner that acts as a release membrane so that when you remove the cuff it does not pull at the hoof wall.

Click below to learn how to apply Dalric Extensions.
Dalric Extension Instructions For Sizes 1 & 2

Dalric Lateral / Medial Aluminum Extension - EXT3 (Pair)