NANRIC Advance Cushion Support
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    Formulated for Dr. Ric Redden, this 60-65 durometer elastomer offers a multitude of uses. Advance Cushion Support is a two part putty elastomer formulated to mix easily, set quickly and maintain toughness even with ground contact.

    Many uses:

    1. Arch support with lameness. Soft tissue, pure lateral film can offer valuable information for the farrier/veterinarian team. 

    2. Laminitis is a devastating often fatal secondary disease with a large scale of damage that can influence the outcome. Using this product as an aid to support the arch of the sole works quite well when used in conjunction with adequate heel elevation (Nanric Ultimates) and zero digital breakover. When treating high scale laminitis Dr. Redden uses Advance Cushion Support to aid derotation (realignment) and digital support prior to all deep flexor tenotomies.
    3. Bruised tender feet; Advance Cushion Support can be quickly molded to the sole of a sore, barefoot horse. The custom fit of the resilient elastomer offers a thick, protective shock absorber that can be easily bandaged to the foot or used in a variety of slip on boots that are on the market.
    4. Bar shoes and pads; Advance Cushion Support can be placed under an assortment of bars as a means to distribute load and absorb concussion. Placed under the bar it prevents the normal collection of manure and debris that will commonly collect under the bar. Advance Cushion Support absorbs energy when placed under a pad. This product becomes a pad itself when used with a nylon screen or perforated pad. The tough properties of this specially formulated product offer good wear ability when placed in contact to the ground.

    Using this product as a molding rubber it is easy to make a negative mold of your horse's foot. A positive model of the foot can then be created by pouring a quick setting plastic into the negative mold (ref. N.R. Diagnostic Cast). Dr. Redden has developed this idea and technique for creating a diagnostic cast as a communication tool, his detailed shoeing and trimming protocol can be placed into the hands of farriers and veterinarians throughout the world, the 3-D model simplifies the communication among professionals and bridges the language barrier. Dr. Redden often makes a diagnostic cast once optimum mass and balance has been re-established for competitive horses as a baseline for future farrier reference. The product is supplied in two colors; pink or gray.

    The teaching tape, Advance Cushion Support Instructions Video, is available upon request with an order of six or more of the Advance Cushion Support kits (one video per customer).

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    Advance Cushion Support Instructions (PDF)

    Advance Cushion Support Instructions (HTML)

    NANRIC Advance Cushion Support

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