Redden Navicular X-ray Block Tray
  • Aluminum 65 degree D.P. Positioning Block with Swing Arm & Machine Tray 

    The aluminum 65 degree D-P and positioning block with swing arm and machine tray was designed and developed by Dr. Ric Redden at his international podiatry facility in Versailles, Ky. The concept of 65 degree D-P projection with perpendicular film beam relationship was first thought of by the late Dr. Hickman. As a student Dr. Redden soon realized the value of perpendicular film beam images over those taken at various oblique tangents; shortly after graduating in 1974 from Ohio State University Dr. Redden developed this unique positioning device simply as a means to lock out known variables that invariably and unknowingly alter every single image.

    This positioning block features:


    • A plastic cut out that positions the palmar surface of all feet at a 65 degree angle with the ground and maintains perpendicular film beam relationship for all views.
    • Positioning slots on the block offer consistent D-P, 65 degree, 45 degree medial or lateral oblique and a fixed lateral.
    • Optional swing arm maintains constant source image distance (SID).
    • Machine tray securely holds the x-ray unit; beam height is consistent for all units.
    • Cumulative positive features assure quick, easy radiographic exams of the digit and consistent, repeatable positioning horse after horse and foot after foot.

    Simply seeing any and all views on the same plane with optimum soft tissue or bone detail, void of image distortion (perpendicular film beam relationship) allows you to develop meaningful knowledge of the range of norm, consequently increasing ones competency regarding soft tissue and bone pathology. Comparative film must be identical in nature to have optimum value. This positioning block takes the guess out of the formula allowing you to focus on more important issues.
    The machine tray is especially designed for the MinXray series HF 80, HF 80+, HF 8015, HF 100/40 and TR80/TR90 units but will work units. We can modify the tray and swing arm to fit several other units and required SID. The swing arm positions the cassette 24 inches from the source.

    Tray and Arm Only available upon request for $110.00 . Please contact us for details. 








    Redden Navicular X-ray Block Tray

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