Redden Rocker Jig
This steel rocker jig was designed and made by Dr. redden to aid in rockering all types of shoes on your anvil.

Below is a video of Dr. Redden rockering a Rail Shoe.

Also we have included a slideshow with tips below.

  • *Put your shoe in the forge.
  • *Start rockering at the heel.
  • *Work the hammer towards the toe.
  • *The heels automatically curl inward with the rocker.
  • *Soften the heel.  Concentrate on the inside branch.
  • *Make a smooth transition along the foot surface.
  • *The toe naturally bows due to rocker.  Forge it out.
  • *This forging move prevents sole pressure.
  • *Check the balance of the shoe from heel to toe.  This is very important.
  • *Set the shoe squarely on the anvil and very gently balance the shoe on four contact points.
  • *Use a dead blow technique to balance the 4 points.
  • *Polish the heel smooth.  Remove all hammer marks.
  • *Shoe spreaders work greate to open the shoe.
  • *Take a post x-ray to determine if your mechanics and placement are correct.

Redden Rocker Jig

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