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Dr. Redden's International
Consultation Service
Starting at $500

Dr. Redden's consultation service is designed to help the veterinarian, farrier, and owners with problematic foot issues. Veterinarians, contact Dr. Redden with a request for consultation. When owners or farriers feel they need another opinion, it is best to discuss it with the attending veterinarian or at least alert them to your concerns. It is very important that we get on the same page and work together with common goals.


The following information is required:

Referring veterinarian, farrier, and owner contact information. (email and phone)

​The breed, age, sex, name, and use of the horse in question.

History. When did lameness first occur? On a scale of 1 to 5 with five being non weight bearing or reluctant to move describe the pain at the start, progression and currently.​

Photos of the feet or foot of concern. Take each view perpendicular to the subject of interest, with lens perpendicular to each side the foot and horizontal with the ground (no birds eye perspectives), heel, the sole when it’s possible to pick the foot up and front face of the hoof.   Remember to keep direct light to your back to avoid dark photos. 

Videos tailored to the degree of lameness. Mild lameness may require a turn or trot.  For moderate 2/5 scale do not trot if lameness is detected walking.  For high scale 3/5 or higher walk only a couple steps and then touch each leg to reveal any reluctance to pick up each foot. The body language, head, and eye expression should be revealed. When reluctant to move just video a quick attempt to ask for each foot, but do not force them to take a step forward. WhatsApp is a free download that provides excellent video resolution.  

Current radiographs.  Podiatry focused views, DP and Laterals, Low beam (primary beam focused on the center of the foot perpendicular to the subject of interest, horizontal with the ground and ½ to ¾ inches above the positioning block. Other pertinent views relative to the issue.


Venograms. Current and comparative exams when indicated.

The initial consultation is $500 and includes review of requested information and phone contact with the veterinarian, farrier, and owner when applicable. A written report of findings and recommendations is emailed to all parties of concern.

Ongoing cases that continue to have concerns may require additional information, multiple phone calls, photos, videos, emails, and texts. A running time log records the commitment to the case and is charged at a rate of $500/hour. Therefore, to save precious time and expense the more compact and complete the information provided, the more economical and feasible the consultation procedure becomes.

Please Email Dr. Redden ( all data, videos, photos, and radiographs. If the files are extremely large, please use the Add File button below to upload them to Dr. Redden's Dropbox.

When mailing information, please notify us by email or phone  (text, no voice mail) and mail to:


PO BOX 507 (Billing)
8235 McCOWANS FERRY RD (Shipping)
PHONE: (859) 983-6690

We look forward to helping you and your horse! Click the Purchase Consult button below to begin.



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