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Consultation Procedure

Direct line communication with your attending veterinarian and farrier establishes professional contact and enhances the potential for success.
To better serve you, Dr. Redden needs the following:

  • Case history (including onset of injury and cause), age, breed, intended use, medication, prior treatment and response of your horse.  Immediate and long-term goals need to be considered.

  • A recent video and/or photographs of your horse. The video should reveal the extent of lameness, body language and eye expression when indicated. Very lame horses need to take only a step or two. CAUTION: Do not walk lame horses excessively. Dr. Redden needs to see specific detailed characteristics of your horse's foot/feet. When videoing or photographing the sides, front and rear of the foot, place the camera at ground level to prevent birds eye view distortion.  Naming your photos i.e. left front medial or right front lateral is very helpful.

​       Carefully pick up the foot and zoom in on the bottom when possible.

       Note: Do not force prolonged standing when bilateral lameness is involved.

  • Recent lateral and DP radiographs are essential components for all consultations.  Dr. Redden requests informative current radiographs and the time span since the foot in question was trimmed or shod.  He prefers that the film reveal soft tissue, as well as bone, and have wall and ground markers. It is very important that the primary beam pass through the foot at the level of the palmar surface of PIII. Please take lateral and DP views with the shoe on.  If additional views are needed or requested then the shoe can be removed.  The most informative views are made toward the end of the reset period.  However emergencies require immediate attention.  Lateral and DP radiographs are most informative when taken with low beam (just above the ground surface) and parallel to the ground surface.  Radiopaque paste along the dorsal face of the hoof starting at the hair / horn wall junction is very helpful even with digital film as the actual wall is not visible and the paste reveals growth ring patterns.  Please ask your vet to arrange the film so the left foot faces left and the right foot right.  Also the DP views are offer flipped with digital programs and requested to be viewed as taken not flipped.

Dr. Redden's Complete Consultation starts at $250 and is time dependent, often requiring ongoing calls, emails and further discussion.

Please Email Dr. Redden ( all data, videos, photos and radiographs. If the files are extremely large please use the link below to upload them to Dr. Redden's Dropbox.

If mailing please notify us by email or phone and ship to:

PO BOX 507 (Billing)
8235 McCOWANS FERRY RD (Shipping)
PHONE: (859) 983-6690

We look forward to helping you and your horse! 


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